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Childrens Robes

Jr. Lark

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Junior Lark

The Junior Lark is an ideal choir robe for children. Backed by Murphy Robes Custom Tailored Guarantee of Quality, the design and tailoring features of the Junior Lark include:

  1. Features a constrasting yoke and sleeve trim in your choice of fabrics and colors.
  2. A contrasting yoke, which may be embroidered with your choice:
    1. Letter Styles
    2. Denominational Emblems
    3. Religious or Musical Symbols
    4. Custom
  3. Slips on over the head
  4. Closes easily in the back with Velcro® - a feature the busy director of any young choir will appreciate!
  5. Sized to the individual and recommended for junior choirs.
  6. This style is ready to ship the next business day following factory receipt of order at considerable savings, as the Lark S-21.


As with all custom tailored items, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery following factory receipt of all ordering information.

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