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Cont Cath 268

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Contemporary Cathedral 268

Purple Renaissance Brocade panels, edged with gold metallic piping to add elegance to this custom tailored black Wonder Crepe clergy robe. Backed by Murphy Robes Custom Tailored Guarantee of Quality, the Contemporary Cathedral includes the following tailoring features:

  1. Removable tab collar
  2. lined, belled sleeves with deep cuffs
  3. Balanced machine fluting for controlled fullness over the shoulders and across the back
  4. Right pocket slit
  5. Additional construction details listed in Inside Story.
  6. Murphy's custom tailoring permits you to create the look you want by selecting
    1. Fabrics and Colors
    2. Trims
    3. Letter Styles
    4. Denominational Emblems
    5. Religious or Musical Symbols
    6. Custom


As with all custom tailored items, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery following factory receipt of all ordering information.

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