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Windsor H-34F

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Windsor H-34F
Qwick-Ship price: $295.00 ea.

Conservative styling made contemporary, rich fabrics make the difference in this attractive women's clergy robe. Ready to ship the next business day following factory receipt of order, and backed by Murphy Robes Qwick-Ship Guarantee of Satisfaction.

  1. Tailored in black Wonder Crepe
  2. Embellished with panels of Eminence Brocade
  3. Construction details include:
    1. Right full pocket
    2. Lined belled sleeves with deep cuffs
    3. Generously cut body with balanced machine fluting over shoulders and across back
    4. More robe construction details described in Inside Story.
  4. Stocked in 16 sizes to fit most men. To find your size, see our Women's H Size Chart.

Size Code:
$295.00 ea.
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