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Letters/Symbol ~ Custom



Many churches and choirs prefer to have their robes or stoles embroidered with custom symbol created, based on their church logo or other artwork.

Murphy Robes custom embroidery utilizes the finest rayon or gold and silver metallic threads. Murphy Robes use sophisticated computer controlled embroidery machines to precisely control the stitching, ensuring you of uniformity between all items ordered.

The cost of custom embroidery varies with the size and complexity of the artwork. Cost will include a one-time “set-up” fee, based on cost of developing the digitized design, and a “per item” charge, for each unit of the design produced.

If you prefer an original symbol, please contact us for more information and a price quote.

All Qwick-Ship items are shipped only as shown, with no changes in letters, sylmbols, or emblems. If you would like to order any Qwick-Ship item shown on this web site with any changes, we will be happy to do so on a custom tailored basis. Please contact us for price quote.

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