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How To Measure
How To Take Chest Measurements
Chest Measurement

Take this measurement over the garments that will be worn under the item being ordered. With arms relaxed, measure around the fullest part of the chest, under the arms and across the shoulder blades in the back. The tape should be snug but not too tight. Keep tape parallel to the floor.

How To Allow For Floor Clearance
Floor Clearance

The Floor Clearance is the distance from the bottom of a robe to the floor. When measuring for a choir, the same measurement should be used for the entire choir to enhance the group's appearance. We recommend a floor clearance of no less than 4" to avoid tripping when climbing steps.

Use a ruler or tape measure and measure up from the floor to where you want the robes to end. Write this number on the Order Form under Floor clearance or height of hem from floor.

How To Take Height Measurements
Height Measurement

Fasten a measuring chart or tape to the wall and have the person being measured stand up straight against the wall chart, with their "Sunday" shoes on, and heels against the wall. The back of the head should touch the chart.

Place a ruler on top of the head, parallel to the floor. Record this measurement in feet and inches (for example, 5'6")

How To Take Neck Measurements
Neck Measurement

Robes or accessories with high necklines or standing collars require neck measurements for the best possible fit.

Take this measurement over the garments that will be worn under the item being ordered. Wrap a tape measure around the base of the neck allowing enough room for comfortable singing, preaching, or normal head and neck movement.

This measurement should correspond to a shirt collar size, (for example 15, or 16). Round this measurement up to the nearest full inch. Do not round down.

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